December 3-5, 2010
Canon Katherine Clark
The Rev. Travis DuPriest

The Retreat begins with a Gathering Reception Friday evening at 5:00 and closes on Sunday morning, following the Holy Eucharist and Brunch The hours follow the familiar monastic pattern of Prayer, Eucharist, Meditation, and Silence.

“How many miles to Bethlehem?”
English nursery rhyme

Our conductor acknowledges that our lives in God often seem balanced between now and not yet, as if we are living within a certain timelessness of time. Each year, though, Advent works its own alchemy. Advent hymns are sung, antiphons read, lessons heard. We listen, we wait. And for these weeks, we know without knowing that the now and not yet we balance are not two realities but one. In Advent, what will be is already embedded in what is. What is gives new light to what will be. “An altar candle sheds its light/as surely as a star.”

In much the same way, the familiar birth narratives that shaped our childhood contain seeds of the common spiritual journey, Kitty suggests. Like the shepherds, we are struck to our knees by awe, perhaps very early in our lives. Like the Wisemen, we journey by starlight through deserts unnamed and turns unexpected. “How many miles to Bethlehem?” “Come and see,” Kitty invites.

Suggested donation: $200.00
Commuter rate and partial scholarships available
For reservation, email
For information on the retreat itself, email

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