Advent Retreat, December 2-4, 2011


Our Silent Retreat is set for the first weekend in Advent, with an outstanding leader, Brother Andrew Colquhoun of Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, N.Y., a native Scot who now serves as the Novice Master for North American novices for the Order at both West Park, NY and Santa Barbara, CA monasteries.


His own words about this retreat are exciting: “Scottish people have a name for that time of day between sunset and the dark.  We call it the Gloaming.  It’s a peaceful time.  The labors of the day are finished, the quiet of evening stretches ahead, and the rest of night awaits to refresh us for the next day.  I love that time.  And for me Advent feels like the Gloaming.  Shadows point up the mysterious; expectancy is full, and rest and refreshment lie ahead.  It’s a good season for retreat.  It’s a good time to welcome the darkness that refreshes and restores.


“St. Benedict leads his monks into that kind of between-time.  He calls for prayer, for reflection, for work, and for expectation and longing.  We will reflect on the Saint’s Rule and look for ways to enter fully into the Gloaming and expectancy of God’s fullest love.”


An Advent Retreat is always a new chance to enter a new (and newly busy!) Christmas season with hearts and minds a little more centered, a little more ready.  Even the idea of the Gloaming suggests that “returning and rest” we pray for!  This Retreat promises to be rich in blessing for all of us!  We hope many will join us in welcoming Brother Andrew to DeKoven.  He has promised to bring his Celtic harp to play for us, an unexpected treat.


Suggested donation for this Retreat is $200.00. Commuter rate and Scholarship assistance available.


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