March 16-18, 2012

Friday 5:00 pm – Sunday morning Eucharist and  Brunch





St. Columba’s Church, Washington, D.C.


Seeking God in Silence and Simplicity”



Even the title of this Retreat is enticing — enticing and inviting to most of us whose lives are often far from silent and by no means simple.  


Time apart with God and self  is every Retreat’s most precious offering, as Margaret knows well.  The silence and balanced hours of this mid-Lent Retreat promises space in our own hearts as we prepare once more to meet Jesus in his passion.  When asked about the gift of Retreat in our lives, Margaret was very certain:


Jesus said to his friends, ‘Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while.’Again and again, he stopped preaching, teaching, healing, and disputing with those authorities who wanted to trip him up.  He left the people who wanted to share a meal with him, and he left those who just wanted a glimpse of him and maybe a chance to touch the hem of his garment.  In seeking refreshment and re-creation  in solitude, Jesus shows us a rhythm of going out and coming in, of departure and return, almost like the regular, life-sustaining rhythm of respiration.  In our over-busy society, it is good to hold this picture of Jesus before us.  It is his life’s practice that most surely restores our balance, corrects our perspective.”


Margaret Guenther brings to us a life-time’s experience in prayer and counseling and writing.  Each of Margaret’s many books, she has written by invitation, a rarity among published authors, and each of them she has lived first by her own life’s practice.  Her latest title, Walking Home: from Eden to Emaeus, recreates the common journey of our lives. 


Margaret’s sense of presence to the group before her is legendary. DeKoven invites you to “Come and see!”


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Suggested donation: 200.00   Commuter Rate and Scholarship Aid available!

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