Circle of Peace Labyrinth.


Guests of the DeKoven Center are invited to walk its Circle of Peace Labyrinth, located in the center courtyard of the historic, lakefront campus.

Found in many spiritual traditions and cultures, a labyrinth is an ancient symbol most commonly used as a tool for centering and meditative prayer. Walking its path creates a slow, rhythmic motion that helps to silence the noise and turmoil in our busy lives and to ease the mind.

Modeled after an 11th century design from the Archbishop of Canterbury, DeKoven’s labyrinth was gifted to the center by Marshall Cushman and family in loving memory of Jeri Cushman, a devoted member of the DeKoven Foundation Board.

Walking the labyrinth requires only simple focus on the pathway underfoot, as it guides you to the center. It is designed to help you find your way, and walking it can be a relaxing, soothing and meditative experience.